Media Focus | Conch Entrepreneurship Empowers Industry Upgrading with "New" Energy, Creating a New Energy Billion Industry Chain
Date:2023-07-15 From:海螺創業

        Recently, Anhui News Network, Anhui Daily and other provincial-level key media units have checked in on conch entrepreneurship, focusing on the company's new energy material industry and waste lithium battery resource utilization industry. The focus is on implementing the call of the provincial new energy vehicle industry cluster construction promotion conference, accelerating the construction of a new energy vehicle industry cluster with international competitiveness, and forming an industrial ecosystem that integrates innovation chain, capital chain, talent chain, and industry chain development, Efforts should be made to strengthen and expand the new energy vehicle industry in the province.


        In 2023, Conch Entrepreneurship has been listed for ten years. Over the past decade, the company has seized the opportunity of national efforts to promote green development, adhered to the development of environmental protection as its main business, and formed a dual wheel drive of "grate furnace domestic waste incineration power generation" and "cement kiln collaborative disposal of industrial solid waste and hazardous waste", becoming a leading large-scale environmental protection enterprise group in the country.


        As the environmental protection industry market tends to saturate, the company has seized the development trend of the new energy industry through keen market insight, leveraging the advantages of self-developed waste lithium battery recycling technology and industry technology iteration. It has quickly laid out the new energy material industry and circular industry sectors, creating a new energy industry chain worth billions, as an important industrial support for the company's future development.


        The company has arranged an annual production of 500000 tons of new energy lithium iron phosphate cathode material project in the Jiangbei Industrial Concentration Zone of Wuhu City. The first phase of the project has achieved an annual production of 50000 tons, which was started, put into operation, and sold that year last year; A new energy negative electrode material project with an annual output of 200000 tons has been laid out in Leshan City, Sichuan. The first phase of 50000 tons is currently at the peak of construction and is planned to be put into operation this year; Anhui Haichuang Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in the High tech Zone of Wuhu City, investing in the construction of an annual resource recycling project of 15000 tons of waste lithium batteries. As a platform company for the company's resource recycling operation and development of waste lithium batteries, the company plans to achieve a total scale of 1 million tons/year of recycling through national layout.


        Standing at a new development starting point, the company will continue to strengthen its environmental protection main business with forward-looking strategic planning, focus on cultivating a billion level new energy industry growth pole that integrates the production of lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials and resource recycling, create a new engine driven by environmental protection and new energy, and promote the company to achieve higher quality development.


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